Paxton Williams

Paxton Williams was in 2nd grade when McKelvie Intermediate School and ES Rider’s Corporate Sponsors raised funds to purchase a Segway for her. Paxton, who has Cerebral Palsy, was able to move about with her walker or crutches before receiving a Segway. Now she is able to move more freely. Paxton’s mother would like to think of Paxton as having a “different ability” rather than a disability. Paxton is doing FANTASTIC with her Segway! I can't even begin to tell you what a help it has been for her. She is able to use it at school which helps save her energy with the longer distances. She also uses it (ALWAYS) when we go shopping instead of walking throughout the entire store. She recently had surgery (August 29th) to have a baclofen pump implanted. It took a few weeks for her to regain enough strength to use her Segway, but she's stubborn and strong, and got right back on it as strong as ever. It's truly been life changing for her independence! Paxtons New chair! August 2019