Jenny Carignan

In 2009, Jenny was in the eighth grade when she received her Segway. McKelvie Intermediate School along with funding from Corporate Sponsors helped Jenny receive this “freedom to move”. Getting around was easier for Jenny when she had her Segway.   She was able to move about more freely. During High School, the Segway helped Jenny when playing in the school band and marching out onto the field. In her free time, she used it to play baseball and to keep up with with  friends when going out for a walk. With Jenny on her Segway, she was able to do so much, however, at times it was difficult to get on it independently. To help her out, ES Riders offered Jenny the opportunity to try out a scooter. She decided to trade in her Segway to help someone else receive the “freedom to move”. On July 15th, ES Riders delivered a scooter to Jenny. She’s excited about using it to move around her college campus. Freedom…ask Jenny what it means!